Thursday, August 6, 2009

Anicca:Impermanence Exhibition

M16 Art Space

19 August - 30 August 2009

16 Mildura Street, Fyshwick, ACT 2609, Australia

Wednesday to Sunday 12-5pm

"Whatever is subject to originati
on is subject to cessation"*

The Buddha taught there are three aspects of existence, impermanence,
interconnection and no self. The mind complex and physical matter are
in a state of constant change. Any experience, sensation or object
cannot be retained despite our best efforts. Meeting new people and
coming together, for better or worse, must end in parting. Possessions
will wear out or break. The taste of new and exotic food and drink will
soon fade away.

Follow this link for a sample gallery

The notion of impermanence frequently occurred as I travelled around
Thailand. From the busy metropolis of Bangkok to the quiet rural towns
in the North East the ongoing life cycle continues. Chiang Mai is a
city with a rich history. Temples, or Wats, continue today as they have
for hundreds of years. Ornate carvings, ceremonies and traditional
craft techniques are practiced with skill and devotion. Ayutthaya, the
ancient capital city before Bangkok, exhibits scars of past violent
battles and the fall of kings in the ruins of splendid buildings. Here
is verification of the fleeting nature of every endeavour, dynasty or

However there are some things that go on. The living Buddhist tradition
that is passed on from generation to generation ties society together.
The kindness of the people continues to inspire me. Anicca,
Impermanence should be understood or realised.

This exhibition will be in aid of a fund raising event that I am
currently working towards called Trek for Tibet and all money raised
will go towards this. In October 2009, I will be embarking on an epic
fundraising adventure – Trek for Tibet 2009. This challenge is on
behalf of The Australia Tibet Council (ATC), an organisation that works
to promote the human rights and democratic freedoms of the Tibetan
people. I have chosen to undertake this challenge to raise awareness of
the continued mistreatment of Tibet and it’s people, to raise vital
funds for the ATC and get a first hand experience of the Tibetan Refuge
community at Dharamsala, India. We are hoping to raise over $50,000 as
a team for the Australia Tibet Council from this event.

Donations can be made anonymously if required. If you can help in any
way please contact me by phone, e-mail or send a cheque made payable to
Australia Tibet Council.

* "Upatissa-pasine: Upatissa's (Sariputta's) Question", by Thanissaro
Bhikkhu. Access to Insight, June 7, 2009,

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